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10 Must-Have CNA Skills to Dominate Your Resume & Cover Letter in 2024

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are the backbone of healthcare, playing a critical role in patient well-being. More than just daily living assistance, CNAs provide vital health data, impacting patient care and fostering a positive environment. This in-demand field offers excellent job security and a fulfilling path to serve others.

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Top 10 CNA Skills For Your Resume & Cover Letter in 2024

Optimize Each Skill Section:

1. Transferring Patients:

Highlight your experience with Hoyer lifts, sit-to-stand techniques, and fall prevention strategies. Use keywords like "safe patient handling" and "mobility assistance."

2. Bathing Patients:

Emphasize your knowledge of skin breakdown prevention, proper hygiene practices, and medical equipment handling. Use keywords like "wound care," "infection control," and "patient comfort."

3. Perineal Care:

Focus on your ability to educate patients, assess skin conditions, and prevent UTIs. Use keywords like "female patient hygiene," "urinary tract infections," and "skin integrity."

4. Oral Care:

Showcase your expertise in denture care, oral hygiene assessments, and identifying swallowing difficulties. Use keywords like "aspiration prevention," "nutritional needs," and "dental hygiene education."

5. Feeding Patients:

Explain your skills in monitoring food intake, adhering to prescribed diets, and encouraging proper nutrition. Use keywords like "patient safety," "diet management," and "nutritional counseling."

6. Vital Signs:

Mention your proficiency in taking and interpreting vitals, communicating with nurses, and identifying potential health concerns. Use keywords like "vital signs monitoring," "therapeutic communication," and "early intervention."

7. Hand Washing:

Emphasize your commitment to hand hygiene as a crucial infection control measure. Use keywords like "hospital protocols," "patient safety," and "disease prevention."

8. Range of Motion Exercises:

Explain your experience with different ROM routines for various conditions and your ability to safely assist patients. Use keywords like "physical therapy," "geriatric care," and "mobility maintenance."

9. Nail Trimming:

Highlight your gentle and meticulous approach to nail care and its role in preventing infections. Use keywords like "preventative care," "patient comfort," and "attention to detail."

10. Communication and Documentation:

Showcase your proficiency in EMR systems, hand-off reports, and clear communication with healthcare teams. Use keywords like "electronic health records," "interdepartmental collaboration," and "patient information management."

Bonus Tips:

  • Use action verbs and quantifiable achievements to demonstrate your skills.

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to specific job requirements.

  • Research keywords relevant to your target facilities and industry.

  • Proofread for accuracy and clarity.

By following these tips, you can optimize your CNA resume skills and confidently showcase your qualifications for a rewarding career in healthcare!

Remember — A well-crafted resume showcasing your diverse skillset is key to landing your dream CNA job. So, highlight your strengths, demonstrate your passion, and shine through the competition!

Looking for high-paying, flexible CNA jobs?

By following the tips above, you’ll be more than ready to find a CNA job with Caring Staff and gain the pay and flexible schedule you deserve.


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