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Per-Diem Nursing Pros & Cons: Is Per-Diem Nursing Right For You?

In times of understaffing at healthcare facilities, per diem nurses play a crucial role in bridging the gaps. Recent market projections indicate a 5.4% growth in the per diem nursing sector by 2030, reaching a substantial market value of $12.85 billion in the U.S. This growth opens up new horizons for nurses seeking flexible work arrangements and greater control over their schedules.

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What Is Per Diem Nursing?

Per diem nursing involves working one or more days at facilities with immediate staffing needs. Nurses can secure per diem shifts through staffing agencies or convenient staffing apps on their mobile devices.

Distinguishing Per Diem from PRN:

It's essential to note the distinction between per diem and pro re nata (PRN) nursing. PRN nurses, also known as float pool nurses, are directly employed by a single facility, committing to work as needed without the flexibility to choose their shifts. On the other hand, per diem nurses operate independently, taking on as-needed assignments across various facilities.

Pros and Cons of Per Diem Nursing:

For nurses considering a shift in their work structure, here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of per diem nursing:

1. Salary and Benefits:

Pro: Per diem nurses typically earn higher rates per shift, especially during weekends and holidays.

Con: The financial aspect depends on whether you work as a 1099 contractor or a W2 employee. While 1099 contractors may see higher upfront pay, they need to manage health insurance and retirement planning independently.

2. Scheduling:

Pro: Per diem nurses enjoy the flexibility of choosing when and where they work, making it ideal for those seeking a better work-life balance or travel opportunities.

Con: Full-time staff may have priority in selecting preferred shifts. Per diem nurses should be prepared for potential last-minute cancellations.

3. New Skills and Contacts:

Pro: Per diem nursing allows for the exploration of different facilities and departments, providing opportunities to build contacts and acquire new skills.

Con: Job security is a concern, as shifts can be canceled due to low patient count or full staffing in a department.

Discover Per Diem Opportunities with Caring Staff

If the prospect of per diem nursing aligns with your career goals, explore numerous opportunities available with Caring Staff. Browse through our available per diem shifts and start crafting a schedule that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Take control of your career with Caring Staff today.


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